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We are an award-winning design firm with over 60 years of quality, dedication and personal service.

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McGehee Nicholson Burke Architects is an architectural and planning firm located in Memphis, Tennessee. Begun in 1961, the firm has over sixty years of experience in a wide variety of projects including religious, educational, retirement, food service, hotels, dormitories, housing, retail, municipal and corporate/office facilities.

The Process

MNB Architecture believes the best designs come to life when the client is actively involved in the decision-making process.

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At McGehee Nicholson Burke Architects it’s not just the end product that sets us apart, it’s the process we use to get there. We believe that the process by which a project is completed should be just as well designed as the project itself. So we’re committed to a way of doing business that continues to build on our reputation of ingenuity and reliability.
The work, as defined in the contract to include appropriate narrative and spreadsheet format documents where the specific elements of the project are developed.
Schematic Design
The firm assists the Owner in program interpretation in the form of sketches, developed plans, and elevations of the facility to determine approximate building area.
Design Development
Developing a more detailed cost estimate using partially developed construction documents with all engineering and technical systems identified.
Construction Documents
Developing a final detailed cost estimate using completed construction documents prior to bidding.
Hands-on assistance with the bidding/negotiating process by the use of quality construction documents that fully define the project.
Construction Administration
We make sure your project meets expectations through personal oversight of the construction process, consistent review of project documents, anticipation of problems and regular communication with client.

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